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All about Sundown

So you came to the Netherlands!...       

You came to Ron Bakker's Sundown Fusion Web Page.
And now you want to no all about Sundown
Well here it is:

Sundown is hard to explain because Sundown is not relay a band
its more like a project.
A project by Ron Bakker.
And that's me, I started getting interested in music when I was a
very little boy,
I was always playing the rhythms of my mind with my fingers
on everything I saw.
I drove people absolutely nuts with drumming on everything that makes
I had my first band when I whas nine, It was me on the empty bucket and some kid named Dennis banging the guitar, It was called:
and I'm only telling you this if you promise not to leave my page....?
...Ok it was called: Ronny and the Rockets.
together with Dennis I played almost every night.
Shortly after that I got my first drum kit and I was off into the world of music.
I played in all kinds of bands I remember the first real band for me was: who's cooking a fusion trio with Drums, Bass and guitar.
We played together for about two years and did a few gigs.
In between all of this I started taking drum and singing lessons
and I was a front singer of a big cover band for three years,
we played songs from Level 42,
peter Gabriel, Sting, Stevie Wonder and much more.
Also I got in touch with a synthesizer player named Marcel,
with him I recorded some Dutch songs and started a band named 99
After that I played in an existing band called captain kirk and with
them I did a lot of gigs on festivals and bars.
And then I started to get the idea to create my own music
I went to the store to get some equipment,
I got a synthesizer a sampler and a sound module and Sundown
was born.
without ever have played the synthesizer I began to make my own kind
of music.
the songs sundown makes are from the soul,
they are never written down, they are just there for me to play from
a big stream of inspiration.
In 1993/94 Sundown records his first demo CD Larger than life.
With ten Sundown Fusion tracks.
Than Sundown runs a slow train for a while and does a small project called Rose garden with the bass player of Captain kirk.
In 1998/99 Sundown recorded his second demo CD Melody & Harmony
With fusion and jazz dance influenced tracks.
And now it's 2000 and Sundown is all around the globe,
aint that great........  

Sundown around the globe