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       This is the official sundown
                      web page

This is where you can find everything you need to know about Ron Bakker's Sundown

Here's where you can listen to Sundown around the globe

Here's where you can see my photo's

This is the spot to be if you like cool fusion Midi

Here's where you can find links to all unsigned artists recourses

Here's where you can find my favorite links on the web

Here's where you can contact Sundown

                 Sundown Fusion

First off all Sundown Fusion is men't for the promotion off Sundown
Sundown is a unique Fusion experience with sounds from the soul and heart
Since 1993 Sundown records two demo CD's
1993: Larger than Life
!998: Melody & Harmony  click here to read more  Click here to listen to Sundown
Second off all Sundown Fusion is men't for all unsigned artists that are
looking for places to get there music online or on radio who are looking for
booking agents or online music magazines to submit there career news
It's all here
I'm also going to make a links list off unsigned artists page's at companies'
like iuma, vitaminic, change music, Large orange, Riffage etc, etc, etc,
so if you want to submit your URL to my list e-mail it, and  a short description to Sundown The only favor I ask in return is that you list my URL to
your links page.
If you are a Midi musician and you are interested in playing some stuff fore
me like solo's or cool synth riffs please let me know!
Sundown Fusion is also the place to be if your into midi.
Check out my midi page
If you are a music company and you want to advertise with a banner on my
unsigned artists recourses page you can send a request to Sundown
I hope you are going to enjoy your time here!

Ron Bakker  

In the short period that sundown is online, people from all the globe
E-Mailed Sundown with ther comments. Here are a few:

Hello Sundown!
I have received numerous e mails on Sundown from the Westcoast Mailing list in the last few weeks, and so far I like what I hear. Would it be possible for you to send me a Promo pack and a Full demo?
I run The Progressive Rock label -Aeria which is a division of the Song Haus Music group. I am a big fan of Fusion from Mahavisnu Orchestra to David Sanborn, and am looking for interesting bands of this caliber for our Roster. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Eric Abrahamsen / Aeria-Song Haus Music

This is a message for Sundown from <?> hello from a fellow musician! just wanted to let you know i listened and grooved!

Risky Business preview by Phil Traynor: Competent fusion, interesting and busy structure, with good counterpoint. The drum programming is on the standard side, a little more imagination there would boost the piece a lot. Encoding is a bit overdriven... Good piece!

Hi Ron, I have just downloaded one of your songs,and I must say for myself it is not bad at all (Ainsley Michael)

Slap me and bring me back to reality. !!
Sundown... these are really awesome.!!
Read your guestbook !!

These new songs are awesome. They're SO relaxing. Listening
puts me in a completely different...and uniquely wonderful state of mind.
Please keep them coming.
BTW...Where's your CD ???
I NEED IT. :)))

Thank you for your music. I was absolutely surprised. Did you really play all the instruments by yourself? Please let me know when your next CD is released. I will buy it immidiately.

A fan

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